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26 May 2011

Our friends at Hwa Chong conducted a T-shirt collection drive for The Salvation Army. Though the initial target was to collect 2000 pieces, Darren, Ying Cong and Wen Shen of the 37th Hwa Chong Students Council, through the tenacity and hard work, were able to surpass the target and garner 4500 pieces of T-shirts.

With ingenuity, they were also able to, with a team of students, form a ‘Shirtilicious’ mosaic from 2640 pieces of donated T-shirts.

Though the current world record for this type of display consists of only 2070 pieces, our modest friends chose to have their feat remain as an ‘Unofficial’ record.

Bravo to Hwa Chong for making this collection drive project and experience a fun and meaningful one!

Article extracted from http://sarsifts.wordpress.com/


Anonymous said...

Well Done Hwa Chong! Trust you had fun too and the memory would warm your hearts for a long time.