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16 May 2011

mployees from Allianz SE Reinsurance Branch Asia Pacific visited The Salvation Army's Family Support Services (FSS) on 15 Feb 2011. They contributed precious time and participated in the FSS' food ration distribution programme.

Prior to their visit and the actual food run, the volunteers initiated a food drive within their company and collected donations of food in kind. These were donated to FSS’ Food Ration Programme, which supports needy seniors and families living in the community.

Bringing with them well-wishes from fellow staff in the company, five volunteers-Chua Si Hui, Sulastri Yusorh, Christina Tay, Sally Tee and Theresa Han (see right)--participated in the food run.

Together with FSS staff, Si Hui and team arrived at the various distribution points where FSS delivers their rations. There, they had the opportunity to meet the elderly clients and brought smiles to their faces with their cheerful laughter.

With the rations in hand, Si Hui and team even helped the seniors carry their heavy rations home, while walking alongside and sharing conversation. Being well-equipped with trolleys and well-organised into teams, the volunteers worked closely as one to carry out their tasks both effectively and efficiently.

It's indeed a meaningful time for both the seniors and the volunteers, as bonds and friendship are forged. Not only were the seniors happy to meet new friends, but we believe that Si Hui and team took away with them a meaningful and heart-warming experience, as they spent time away from work, bonding with one another, with the seniors

Our appreciation goes out to Si Hui and team and all in Allianz SE Reinsurance Branch Asia Pacific for their packs full of love and joy...

Si Hui and Team