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16 May 2011

pring is in the air; with mandarin oranges, new year goodies and ang baos (red packets) all signifying the coming of the Chinese New Year. This year, Family Support Services (FSS) celebrated this traditional Chinese festive occasion with a steamboat lunch for our Elderly Drop-In Programme (EDIP) members on 27 Jan 2011.

Steamboat continues to be a favourite among many of the seniors; bringing many together for quality bonding time with one another. And FSS is pleased and honoured to have sponsors Jessie and Juat Mui, together with FSS' regular EDIP volunteer, Jazreel, to join in the festivities.

Before lunch, the elderly came together for a simple game of sure-win “Wheel of Fortune”. Five blessed seniors won ang baos from FSS while the rest walked away with consolation prizes. Indeed, everyone is a joyful winner.

After the game, everyone came together for feasting with the steamboat lunch. To round it up, two mandarin oranges (大吉)-a symbol of blessings for the new year-were presented to each sponsor, volunteer and senior.

eniors from FSS had yet another reason to celebrate the Chinese New Year. On 10 Feb 2011, they were treated to a Lunar New Year lunch by our regular volunteer, Jessie, to celebrate the start of the Year of the Rabbit!
That afternoon, FSS was also joined by our Chief Secretary, Col Bob Lee and his wife, Col Wendy Lee, Territorial Secretary of Women's Ministries.

Every dish served that afternoon was specially chosen by Jessie, with careful consideration of the seniors' health and their preferences. Having spent consideration time with the seniors, going on outings with them and faithfully boiling nutritious soups for them every week, Jessie has come to know the seniors well and share a wonderful friendship with them.

That afternoon, the elderly had a great makan time with the wonderful spread chosen by Jessie. And to show their appreciation for this close friend of the FSS family, they had secretly prepared a birthday surprise for Jessie, whose birthday happens to be on the same month. With a birthday cake and a song for her, everyone took the opportunity to celebrate with Jessie her birthday, the Chinese New Year, as well as a dear friendship with each other.