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21 January 2014

Together with my son and a partnering volunteer Fiona, we helped out as bellringers on 16 December 2013. In the two hours we were there, we saw donors of all ages coming forth to give. The youngest being a younger boy who walked to our kettle with his slightly older sister as they both pushed some coins (not sure if they had taken it from their piggy bank or not) into the kettle. The oldest were 3 senior but hearty ladies with their heads of beautiful white hair, who seemed to be enjoying their day out with their BFFs (Best Friends Forever). Each of the ladies donated and one of them even sought to understand about the work of The Salvation Army.   

I have come to realize that most people who came forth to deposit their donations into the kettle know about the work of The Salvation Army, thanks to the kind deeds that the organisation has been continuously doing over all the years that speaks volumes. There was also a number of people, sometimes our overseas friends, who would give us a curious glance as they walked by, seemingly not being aware of the work and cause of The Salvation Army. 

During our time there, we were also approached by a Filipino man, who asked if he could donate clothes and food.  We were exhilarated to hear of people also being keen to help by giving in kind. We shared about The Salvation Army’s donation-in-kind booths and handed him a calendar which contain the contact numbers so he can check on locations and other details.

Although it can be hot and tiring, standing there ringing the bell and asking people to donate, seeing a person approach the kettle to deposit their donations, however small or large the amount, perks me up and gives me a boost of energy to carry on. 

Overall, it is a fulfilling experience.  Thank you for the opportunity for me to play a part for the less fortunate and experience the meaning of  Christmas Kettling. 

Christina Chua
Christmas Bellringer
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