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04 April 2013

Wee...Volunteering is fun!
What do 200 pairs of hands, three days, "pods", a play area and new partitioned dormitories have in common? Lots, when it comes to having a splash of a time.

Meet the team...
SPLASH projects are a United Kingdom Company who is expert in delivering tailored projects that combine both experiential learning and corporate responsibility. 
Taking measurements
It is run by former British Forces who have led relief programmes and management courses across the globe, they are experienced in health and safety, and risk assessments.

Volunteers are tasked with planning, leading and managing a sustainable project in a live environment, with a real client and a deadline which will make a difference to the people they are helping. Each project is achievable but challenging and designed to meet client and charity’s needs without compromising on quality.

Putting in place
the final pieces
The Salvation Army in Singapore are glad to welcome the team from SPLASH projects and in partnership will be working on this occasion at Gracehaven. The project commenced with some preparation and ground work by the supervisors/foremen of the team and then for three days there is non-stop activity from approximately 200 volunteers from INSEAD to achieve an incredible amount of work and results.

Pods in construction
There were three main areas that were created and developed during this time. One is a family area where ‘pods’ for families meeting will be provided in an outside area surrounded by trees and greenery, this will include a barbeque area, and additional tables and chairs will be provided. There will also be a Children’s outside play area which will include fitness equipment to enhance what is already provided. Finally in some of the dormitories there will be some partitions provided to give more privacy to the young people.

The project concluded with a presentation of the work and all that has been achieved during this time and grateful thanks expressed to all those who have given of their time and energy to enhance the lives of the young people in our care at Gracehaven. 

The completed play area...

Article first appeared in The Salvation Army War Cry (Feb 2013 Issue)

Watch the video of the volunteers in action below: