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01 June 2010

Are you and your loved ones speaking the same love language?
What is your ‘primary’ love languages?
How can you better connect with your loved ones and friends?

Our volunteers have been a blessing to our beneficiaries and us and now it is time for us to thank our volunteers for their kind effort.

Come June, we will be putting together a family life and personal development workshop on the Five Love Languages, just for our volunteers.

So, come learn about the five love languages by Dr Gary Chapman, author of the international best-seller on this insightful relationship-building tool.

This workshop (worth $150 per pax) is free for volunteers and their family members. Through the workshop, you will learn to identify your unqiue love languages and also understand and learn to speak your loved ones' and friends' love languages.

Limited seats available and participation in this workshop is by registration only. So REGISTER now.

Obtain more information and/or register through your Volunteer Coordinators today. You may also call James at Tel: 6555-0232 for more information.