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15 April 2009

THE Salvation Army would like to thank all our kettling volunteers who answered our call for help through the press and made a difference in our time of need this Christmas. We are encouraged by volunteers of all ages, from different backgrounds, many family volunteers with young children in tow, coming forward to give of their time.

We are also very appreciative of members of the public who gave generously. A staff member was very touched when she met an elderly man wearing an old torn shirt who put $20 into the kettle pot; he chose to donate rather than use it to buy a new shirt. The Salvation Army organises Christmas Kettling yearly and we hope to keep it a tradition in Singapore like in many other countries. Besides raising needed funds for our social programmes, there are many other good reasons for us to do so. It's the time to share and what better way than to link as many hands as possible to demonstrate that we are a caring nation.

It is our privilege to serve the needy and we thank everyone who has helped make this a reality. May we take this opportunity to wish one and all a blessed Merry Christmas!

Gregory Lee, Director (PR)

Letter sent to ST Forum, 22 December 2008