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23 July 2008

SA-V pays tribute to the many volunteers and staff who responded to the call to make a difference; helping in all ways possible to aid relief operations for victims of the devastation caused by Cyclone Nargis, in Myanmar.

Our SA-V volunteer journalist, Fiona Cher, writes:

“It was not Christmas but yet, the familiar ringing of The Salvation Army appeal bell could be heard resonating from within the campus of Anderson Junior College (AJC).

“Following the devastating Cyclone Nargis which hit Myanmar on 2 May 2008, students from the college immediately sprang into action and initiated a fundraising drive from 15-16 May.
“I can still remember how it started— we were sitting on our school’s track field talking about the cyclone, when Cara Lee shared with me her idea. Within two days, she had worked to get the necessary approval from her teachers and had approached The Salvation Army to adopt an appeal collection pot. Together with her two good friends, Melissa Tan and Marion Thien, they mobilised the college’s Interact Club to help man the booth in the school canteen.

“Interviewing Ms. Cara Lee for the project, she excitedly told me about how she felt it was a truly fulfilling experience, knowing that they were able to do something to help the victims in Myanmar. Manning the booth was a memorable experience for Cara and her friends.

“With a sparkle in her eye, Cara also told me about how this incident had re-ignited her passion for volunteerism. She said that it was after watching the news reports on the escalating death toll as well as the number of people left homeless by such a terrible natural event, that made her want to do her part for the victims. It was with this in mind that Cara and her friends decided to organise the campus-wide donation drive in their college.

Previously, Cara was also involved in AJC’s gift-wrapping fundraising project for The Salvation Army. You may recall seeing Cara and her friends cheerfully wrapping gifts while doing your Christmas shopping last year .

“It’s in times like this that the brightness of the kindred human spirit shines through. But let us not stop here, for there’s more we can do to help the victims in Myanmar get back to living a normal life. Even though the memories of the tragedy may still remain a scar, let us count our blessings, and give thanks for what we have. If we have further opportunity, let us continue to do our part to help the victims of Cyclone Nargis rebuild their lives again, for it is the least we can do.”

Article originally published in the SA-V (Salvation Army Volunteer) Bulletin
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