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11 June 2007

Extreme “Dolly” MakeoverMuch excitement, joy and laughter were overheard from a room during lunchtime. Wanting to satisfy my curiosity, I soon found myself joining five other colleagues for lunch, in the company of dolls. The staff gathered together to lend a hand by “adopting” dolls from Red Shield Industries for a makeover. The dolls had been kindly donated by members of the public and some were badly in need of new clothes. Combining interest and community service, this group of staff volunteers decided to give the dolls a new lease of life and hope, and by their sale, raise funds for The Salvation Army. According to Ms Phyllis Mark, who is one of the makeover helpers, the staff will help clean up the dolls and she will crochet dresses for the dolls before they
are returned to Red Shield Industries for sale.

The Helping Hand Appeal 2006
During the months of March, every corps and centre in the territory was fundraising to help our neighbours, Sumatra to: 1. Raise a Hand to buy resource books for a library; 2. Lend a Hand to do some repairs and painting (both 1. and 2. At Medan Boys Home); 3. Give a Hand to villages to become more self-supporting by planting groves of citrus trees and chilli bushes in some rural villages outside Medan. THQ also did their part for the appeal. Different department staff worked together to prepare home-made food for lunches and snacks on their chosen days during the month. Staff made reasonable donations for the food and other items available, all in the endeavour to surpass the THQ goal of $2,000 (Figure extracted from The Salvation Army War Cry (April 2006) (P.S. Over $3,000 was raised as at 12 April 2006)

Article originally published on the SA-V (Salvation Army Volunteer)
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